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Building Capacity and Welcoming Practices In Military-Connected Schools


Youth of the Year Heads to D.C. to Represent Military Children

With the titles of Fort Hood, Texas and Southwest Region Military Youth of the Year already under her belt, Shakira Wingate is still gunning for one more — the Military Youth of the Year.

Author of 'Military Bratz' Answers Questions

“Military Bratz” is an anticyber-bully children’s book, where military kids are highlighted as the superheroes!

STRoNG Intervention for Military Families With Young Children

NIH funds STRoNG Military Families, a multifamily group intervention aimed to enhance parenting and reduce mental health problems in military families with young children.

Military Children Hampered By Illinois Laws, Advocates Say

Most of the 46 states in the compact have laws that require exceptions to be made for military children. Illinois' laws regarding military children are the weakest in the compact.

DOD Focuses On Healthy, Active Lifestyle For Kids

DOD encourages its "5-2-1" message and other online resources to ensure children in military families lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Baker Bill Expands Military Aid Program

The Baker Bill is recently approved to expand the revenue source for the Military Aid Program, created in 2005 for a rapid response to military families facing emergency situations.

Multiple Military Deployments in Families May Raise Teen Suicide Risk

LA Times article featuring Dr. Cederbaum and Dr. Astor on their study on the link between a family member's deployment history and a variety of mental health problems, including "suicidal ideation."

Class Helps Military Children Be Safe, Secure Online

Military youth learned how to stay safe in cyberspace during the community’s first “Safe and Secure Online” class for children at the USO Warrior and Family Center.

Help for Children of Military Families

A transition specialist will work with counselors at schools in Prince William County, Virginia, that have the county’s highest concentration of military families.

Off Base, Military Kids Struggle to Find Support

New reports call for national strategies to educate communities on how to support military children, to screen them for risk, and to help those already in trouble.

Military Families Who Want to Home-School Their Children Find Support

Military parents are embracing home schooling for their children when they are redeployed.

Highwood-based Kid Rank Aims to Ease Military Transitions

Military families help to launch the Kids Rank club to help military youngsters build resilience and feel connected to the community through volunteer projects.

Grant Aims to Support Military Children Near Fort Campbell

Clarksville-Montgomery County in Tennessee and Christian County in Kentucky will take part in the $4.5 million project, a grant from Defense Department, to help schools connect with military children and their parents through communication and reading.

Helping Kids Make Sense of War: Military Books 2013

Authors and publishers take steps to help military children sort through the complexities of war through 11 war-themed, nonfiction books on conflicts past and present.

September/October Academic Anchor Available

Academic Anchor is Navy Region Southwest's bimonthly School Liaison Newsletter. It addresses educational issues that affect military children in our region and provides information about upcoming events.

Child Trends Study Reveals the Toll Parents' Military Service Takes on Young Children

A new study finds that the half a million young children of parents on active duty are facing serious risks to their mental development.

Military Child Advocates Challenge America to Care for Our Nation’s Youngest Heroes at With You All the Way! Homecoming, Transition, and Resilience Symposium

National experts talk about what happens after homecoming and building resiliency in military families following a decade of war.

Bill Would Expand Military Children Education Coalition

New bill in Nevada will allow state education system to identify children of military families who are students in Nevada as a part of the overall effort underway serve the needs of military families.

Dr. Ron Astor interviewed by CNN

CNN interviewed Professor Ron Avi Astor about high school disciplinary issues being handled by police rather than by school administrators. “It's by far hitting hard low-income and minority populations for situations that shouldn't be -- they should just be in the principal's office and take care of it as an educational matter and not in the courts. There's some that are concerned that this will increase the school-to-prison pipeline,” he said. Click the title for the full transcript.

Military Social Work Awareness Day

The National Association of Social Workers-California Chapter has partnered with San Diego area Schools of Social work to bring about the 'Military Social Work Awareness Day". It will take place on June 22nd, 2013 at Petco Park, in San Diego, CA (PADRES v. Dodgers). This event will share useful resources and highlight dynamic programs available to military-connected families. Check out the NASW-CA Chapter event page for more information:

Camp Mariposa To Open in San Diego

Camp Mariposa, a project of the Moyer Foundation, serves children ages 9-12 who have been affected by substance abuse in their families. The free weekend camp for up to 24 participants is designed to give children a safe place to talk about the difficult circumstances they face at home and to give them the tools they need to break the cycle of addiction.Currently operating in Sarasota, Fla., South Bend, Ind., Philadelphia and Seattle, the camp will add a San Diego site this summer. For more information visit the Moyer Foundation's website.

Children of Deployed Military Parents More At Risk For Alcohol, Drug Use

A new University of Iowa study suggests that deployment of a parent puts these children at an increased risk for drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Symposium Teaches Military Children It’s OK to Share Feelings

USO Comfort Crew for Military Kids' "With You All the Way! Homecoming, Transition, and Resilience Symposium Series" emphasize the importance of caring for one another and developing valuable strategies for dealing with the unique challenges of military life.

Building Capacity Research Team Member wins AERA’s Outstanding Dissertation Award

Kris De Pedro PhD ’12 won AERA’s Division E (Counseling & Human Development) Outstanding Dissertation Award for this year. Kris has been a post doctorate researcher in USC’s Social Work Hamovitch research center working on the Building Capacity since it began in 2010.

Military Kids Cope With Change Through Symbolism

Military Children at Stuart Mesa Elementary School shared experiences with one another during Camp Courage Optimism Patience Encouragement.

Budget Cuts to Hit Military School Districts First

Of the many school programs being cut due to budget cuts, schools serving students from military families may be cut first and more deeply.

Addressing the High Costs of Student Mobility

In this March/April issue of the Harvard Education Letter, Building Capacity writer Linda Jacobson writes about how the practices used in schools to ease transitions for military children can improve circumstances for any child who moves frequently.

Grants Available For Military Kids

The Gene Fullmer Recreation Center's “Our Military Kids” program provides grants towards extracurricular activities while a parent is serving in the military.

UNH Prof: For Children in Military Families, Grief Often Misunderstood

New research from a University of New Hampshire social work professor explores the unique grief responses of these children, providing guidelines for military families in different cycles of deployment.

Dr. Ron Astor Interviewed on KQED-FM "The California Report"

KQED-FM’s “The California Report” interviewed Ron Avi Astor about K-12 school districts choosing to arm their safety officers. "We need to strike a balance between physical and psychological safety," said Astor, who favors a community-based policing response. "Talk to any of these police officers. They're going to tell you getting to know people in a relationship way is far more powerful than having another assault weapon.”

Addressing the Social-emotional-behavioral Needs of Military-connected Children and Youth

APA Children, Youth & Family features article regarding the social-emotional-behavioral needs of military-connected children. For full newsletter, visit here.

Military Mentoring Offers New Outlets for Military Children

Big Brothers Big Sisters' recent program, the Military Mentoring Program, creates new opportunities to reach out to military children through various activities such as playing catch and go bowling, to studying for school and practicing their instruments.

Children and Siblings of Deployed Military More Likely to Use Drugs

Health Behavior News Service features a study led by Building Capacity's faculty, Dr. Tamika Gilreath, on drug usage of youth with deployed parent or sibling.

Scholarships Thank Children of Fallen Soldiers

Scholarships offered to military children of an active duty servicemember who has passed away offer additional help to military families with financial needs.

Military Kids Website Helps Parents and Educators

The Department of Defense website for military children added new features to help parents and educators explain difficult topics of the military lifestyle to children.

An Exit Interview Helps Kids PCS highlights a story written by Building Capacity writer Linda Jacobson, highlighting a new practice for schools serving military families, exit interviews. This practice is recommended in the Military Family’s Parent Guide for Supporting Your Child in School.

Hoboken Student Athletes Collect 180 Gifts for Military Families

High school athletes in Hoboken collected more than 180 holiday gifts for families of U.S. military personnel serving overseas through the Family Support Program.

Family Members' Wartime Deployments Associated with Adolescents' Substance Use

A new study by faculty and members of our Building Capacity project team, finds a connection between increased drug and alcohol use among middle and high school students and deployments of either a military parent or sibling. The patterns of increased substance use were consistent for lifetime use as well as in the most recent 30-day period.

Receive Free Online Counseling through USC Telehealth

USC Telehealthâ„¢ is a completely virtual counseling and therapy clinic that uses the latest online and video technologies to serve a diverse set of clients including adults, children, couples, families, and military personnel. For more information, please visit their website at

Bill Would Give Military Families More Time With Kids

Texas representative, Jonathan Stickland, files bill proposed to allow military children 10 days of excused absence from school when their parent is about to be deployed or has returned home from deployment.

How to Deal With Guns in School

This Op-Ed, appearing on, was written by Dr. Ron Astor, head of the Building Capacity in Military-Connected Schools project, on gun control in response to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

English teacher increases military awareness

Local English teacher founds Operation Strong to increase awareness among students about the men and women actively serving the country in the military as well as those who once did.

Teaching Educators About Military Deployment

Southern California Public Radio story about the need for Educators' to be better trained at supporting children from military-connected families.

Social work interns help military family students in 140 schools

Southern California Public Radio story about MSW interns' work with Building Capacity in 140 schools.

Fort Beverly brings military families together

Staying Strong — the latest effort by the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program — aims to promote resiliency in New England’s military families.

USC program trains counselors to help students in military families

KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez story about a military family and issues they struggle with. Click here to be directed to audio.

Grants Expand Military Children’s Educational Opportunities

The Department of Defense Education Activity director urged recipients of the 2012 educational grant program to push the envelope in developing programs that ultimately will benefit all military school children.

Military Child Education Highlights Guidebooks; Public Engagement

The Military Child Education Coalition highlighted our new guidebooks in its October eNewsletter. MCEC also highlighted the California Public Engagement, which was held at USC. See our special issue on the event.

D.C. Considers Bill To Benefit Military Children

The District is considering a bill to join the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission to further ensure that children of active-duty military officers are afforded smooth transitions when they are on the move.

Building Better Schools for Troops' Kids

This Time article features a Q&A with Dr. Ron Avi Astor, Dr. Rami Benbenishty and Linda Jacobson, three of the key authors of the four resource guides on supporting military children in public schools.

Military Families Overseas Struggle to Get Services for Children With Disabilities

Oversea military families face additional obstacles of ineffective screening for military families and limited availability of special education and medical specialist for their children.

Building Resiliency in Military Children

With the constant moving, changing of schools and friends and having a parent who's deployed or geographically dispersed, being in a military family can, at times, be exceedingly stressful for children.

New books guide schools in support of military families

USC News story about the Building Capacity in Military-Connected Schools project's guidebooks to help parents, teachers, counselors and principals understand the educational challenges facing military children and create schools that recognize and respect the culture of military families. The books were released earlier this month and can be ordered from here.

Making Universities and Colleges More Military Friendly

Huffington post OpED commentary by Ron A. Astor on the need to close the divide between civilian and military culture on universities and colleges.

Military Child Conference Draws Representatives From Across Georgia

Robins Air Force Base and the Houston County Board of Education hosts Second Annual Georgia Military Child Education Conference to bring to light issues that military children face.

Operation Education Offers Scholarship Opportunity to Military Students of San Diego Region

Operation Education of Ford Foundation offers military children in the San Diego region scholarship opportunities to reflect on inspirations they have received from their military family member.

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Announce 'Educating the Educator' to aid teachers, military kids

A new initiative being launched Wednesday by first lady Michelle Obama and the vice president’s wife, Jill Biden, is designed to better prepare educators instructing military-connected children.

Will Candidates Let Returning Troops Fall off the Fiscal Cliff?

This Op-Ed, appearing on, was written by Dr. Ron Astor, head of the Building Capacity project.

Good Neighbors Help Military Kids

WNY Heroes, Inc. and WNY Kids are Heroes Too, two grant programs founded by army vererans, allow disabled or deployed veterans to apply for up to $250 grant for extracurricular activities.

Reading Program Unites Families With Deployed Sailors

Amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard launched on deployment in Western Pacific the United Through Reading program, which connects sailors on deployment with their families back home by recording sailors reading children's books and shipping that recording home.

State Unveils Matching College Grant Program For Military Families

State Treasurer Kate Marshall and USAA announced plans to expand a matching college grant program to help Nevada military parents plan their children's future.

School Choice Could Benefit Oklahoma’s Military Families

With its recent adoption of opportunity scholarships, Oklahoma has become a leader in tapping the power of school choice to help families and society as a whole, especially the military families who sacrifice greatly to serve the nation.

Helping Military Families Deal with Grief

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) holds "Good Grief Camps" for children and other family members to help cope with wages of war.

National Military Family Association features Building Capacity "Guides"

The education guides include a collection of best practices supported by research that can be used by parents, teachers, administrators, and pupil personnel. The National Military Family Association believes these educational guides will be beneficial in helping to support military families.

Operation Purple Camps Aim to Give Military Kids a Sense of Community

National Family Military Association offers the sixth annual Operation Purple Camp, a free summer aimed to give military children a sense of community, and to introduce them to other children who know what it is like to have a parent in the military.

America's Social Workers Join Dr. Jill Biden to Launch "Social Work and Service Members: Joining Forces to Support Veterans and Military Families"

National Association of Social Workers urges 650,000 professional social workers to gain education and training on mental and behavioral health, health, economic, and social challenges facing nation’s veterans and military families.

Educating Military Children Called National Security Issue

The Military Child Education Coalition met in June to discuss the importance of education for the one and half million school-aged children of military families.

Operation Homefront Partners with Dollar Tree for Back to School Brigade to Benefit Military Children

The sixth annual Back to School Brigade by Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree join forces to gather school supplies for military children across the country.

A New Normal: Helping Military Children Adjust

New Skyping program funded by Department of Defense help military children to adjust to the nomadic life of a military family.

Military Transitioning Bill to Fill Gaps, Aid Kids

New legislation makes the transition of military families into and out of Montana easier for children in school so that they do not fall behind and can still graduate on time.

Experts Helping Children With Parents Deployed

School Behavioral Health, funded by the U.S. Army Medical Command, provides free on-site help from specialists and a psychiatrist to military students and families.

Mental Health of Military Kids Focus of New Book

Children in military families across Canada will be hearing a fairy tale, called Project: Kids, Let's Talk, to help them understand mental health and encourage them to seek help when needed.

Military Child Education Coalition Hosts National Training Seminar

The Military Child Education Coalition will host the 14th National Training Seminar June 27-28 at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.

Operation Homefront Launches Back-to-School Brigade to Prepare Military Children for School, Seeks Volunteers

Operation Homefront will begin collecting donated school supplies, along with monetary donations, to distribute to the children of service members at the beginning of the school year in the fall.

Local Author Reaches Out to Military Kids

A Tampa Bay area author and former military threat analyst helps the youngest members of military families cope with deployment and injury.

Operation Hug-A-Hero Comforts Military Children

Operation Hug-A-Hero provides military children a personalized doll to console them while their mother or father is away on active duty.

Kids of Military Parents Learn Leadership, Coping with Stress

The Military Family Research Institute at Purdue holds its fifth annual Operation Purple, a week-long camp where children of deployed soldiers can learn how to cope with the stress of a parent away and connecting with other kids who understand what they are going through.

USC Hosts 'The Soldiers Project'

USC will host "The Soldiers Project," a three-day conference on the psychological challenges facing returning troops, those still serving, and their families. Held, June 8-10, at the Davidson Conference Center, the conference is for mental health professionals, military service members and their families. Free, confidential counseling will be available.

Military Health Care Won't Cover Autism Treatment

Federal legislation recently responded inquires from military families regarding to expand Tricare to cover for the services for bot active duty and retired military personnels.

Life as a military child: An interview with Erika Booth, Marine Corps Child of the Year

Interview of Erika Booth, the 2012 Marine Corps Child of the Year. For the second year, Operation Homefront has awarded Military Child of the Year to young leaders from each branch of the military. The winners receive the honor for their resilience and community impact.

Amazing New Children's Book App Lets Military Parents Read To Kids While On Deployment

The new story app, Lazy Bird, for iPad and iPhone is a narrated adventure story that is designed for military parents to record themselves reading the book allowing for playback when separated.

1,600 Museums Offer Military Families Free Tickets

More than 1,600 museums across the country will offer free admission to active-duty military personnel and their families this summer in a program that has more than doubled in size since 2010.

Military Parents With Special Needs Kids: Who Makes The Real Sacrifice?

The article discusses the difficulties of military families with disabilities.

Jill Biden Thanks Military Families at Lee Hall Elementary

Lee Hall is among seven schools in Newport News using a three-year, $2.5 million federal grant in part to hire military support counselors and create military connection centers for families.

Scholarships Available to Military Children

ThanksUSA provides scholarships to the children and spouses of military personnel across all the Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Reserves and the families of the fallen and wounded. Applications will be accepted through May 15, 2012.

Rangel Joins Rep. Moran To Introduce Bill Benefitting Disabled Military Children

Congress recently introduced the Disabled Military Child Protection Act of 2012, which would permit severely disabled children of military service members to receive long-term care.

A Military Child's Ultimate Sacrifice

April is the Month of the Military Child, an opportunity to recognize military children for the sacrifices they make when a parent, grandparent or other close serves his or her country.

New Homes Guide Helps Military Families Relocate

New Homes Guide, a resource featuring new home communities in the Mid-Atlantic region, helps military families relocating to Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

New Group Gives Military Families a Shoulder to Lean On

Serving Armed Forces Everyday (SAFE), a non-profit organization started by a military spouse in Le Mars, Iowa, aims to reach out to and supporting all military families in a variety of ways.

Educational Opportunity for Military Children

Dr. Ron Astor discusses the importance of the reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act in order to nationally address the academic struggles of military students.

Family Matters Blog: Military Kids Can Apply for Free Summer Camps

An article featuring the Operation Purple Summer Camp program launched by the National Military Family Association. The camp is free and open to military children of all ranks and services, both active and reserve.

Lessons in Coping for Children of Deployed

An article featuring Gregory Bole, a counselor in a Marine-based school at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and how he helps children who struggle with their parents' deployments overseas.

First Lady Talks Military Family Support on ‘Letterman’

First Lady Michelle Obama talks about Joining Forces to boost support to troops, veterans and their families on the “Late Show with David Letterman”.

Helping Military Families Prepare for Reunions

The Real Warriors Campaign, an initiative of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, promotes the processes of building resilience, facilitating recovery and supporting reintegration for returning service members, veterans and their families.

Trudy Johnson and Susan Lorenzen: Reaching Out to Help Military Families

Two women from Escondido, Trudy Johnson and Susan Lorenzen, don't have any military ties, but they have gone far beyond fulfilling their minimum requirement for Operation Homefront. They have even been honored with the 2012 Woman of Accomplishment Award from Soroptimist International of San Diego.

Military Child of the Year Honorees Named

Recipients for Operation Homefront’s Military Child of the Year Award have been announced. Each recipient is chosen by a committee of active-duty personnel, family readiness personnel, teachers, military mothers, and community members.

Mentors Help Children with Deployed Parents

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program serves about 2,000 children with a parent in the military through funds provided by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justic and Delinquency Prevention.

Bossier Schools Have Military Child Education Coalition

The Bossier Parish School Board accepts the Memorandum of Understanding from the MCEC at a January meeting. Through this new partnership, a Military Student Transition Consultant will be embedded in the school board administration to help all transitional students, primarily military.

S.C. Leaders, Wife of VA Chief Meet to Discuss Military Kids

South Carolina has made progress helping the children of military families during the past 10 years the nation has been at war, and continues to build awareness among citizens to reach out and offer support to miltary-connected children.

Dr. Biden Writes Children’s Book on Deployment

Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, has written a children’s book titled “Don’t Forget, Nana, God Bless Our Troops” to raise awareness among Americans, particularly children, of military families’ challenges during deployment.

Site Helps Military Kids Deal With Deployed Parents, a site created by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, offers age-targeted information for children of deployed service members in elementary, middle and high school groups.

'Desert Kids' Program Helps Military Children Understand Deployments

Military Families United holds a Desert Kids program to teach children about where their parents go on deployments and what the culture is like.

Peer Led Program Designed to Help Military Kids Adjust

All middle and high schools in Onslow County middle and high schools implemented a peer-led program, Student 2 Student, to pair new military students with student volunteers to make one of the hardest transitions for military children a little bit easier.

Military Children Stay a Step Ahead of Public School Students

Once again, schools on the nation’s military bases have outperformed public schools on both reading and math tests for fourth and eighth graders on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

NASA Space Camp Scholarship Offered to Children of Military

The Military Child Education Coalition has created a Space Camp scholarship program in memory of one of America's bright young military children, Bernard Curtis Brown II.

Conference Focuses on Supporting Youth in Military Families

“Supporting the Home Front: Schools Supporting Military-Connected Children" Conference was held at Northeastern University in early November to discuss monitoring the growth and development of military children.

DODEA Releases New PSA Honoring Educators

The Department of Defense Education Activity has released a new public service announcement to honor the teachers and school staff who support military students--and all students--across the country.

Boys & Girls Clubs Provide Support for Military Children

Read about how Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), the country's largest youth organization, has provided supportive communities for military children for the past 20 years.

Major National Survey of Military Families Underway

Blue Star Families announced the launch of its annual survey of military families, service members, and veterans designed to reveal the truth of what it's like to maintain home, family, career, and healthy relationships despite the necessary absence of a loved one.

Children and deployment: Caring for the Army’s smallest members

Military children are being diagnosed with transitional and behavioral disorders at younger and younger ages from the challenge of deploying parents.

Operation Bigs Serves Military Families

Operation Bigs, a site-based mentoring program, serves children whose active military parents are deployable by assigning Big Brother or Big Sister to help children cope with the deployment cycle and other military life stresses.

Study in Wash. State Suggests More Violence Among Children of Combat Veterans, Including Daughters

A new study suggests that when parents are deployed in the military, their children, including the daughters, are more than twice as likely to carry a weapon, join a gang or be involved in fights.

Grants Available For Activities For Military Kids

Our Military Kids encourages military families to apply for the $13 million grant that is available to children of deployed National Guard and Reserve members, as well as children of Wounded and Fallen Warriors in the Guard, Reserves or active duty.

Governor Signs Bill Ensuring Military Children Receive Excused Absences

Assembly Bill 387 was signed to clarify existing law to ensure that military children are provided with excused absences from school when a family member is being deployed or on leave from active duty.

Department of Justice Awards $20 Million to Support Mentoring Children of Military Families

The Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention awards a total of $20 million to nine organizations to support mentoring programs and services for youth with a parent in the military.

21st Century High School ASSETs

The 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) Program provides incentives for establishing before- and after-school enrichment programs that partner schools and communities to provide academic support; safe, constructive alternatives for high school students; and assistance in passing the California High School Exit Exam.

Wounded warriors video on military students and Command Media seeking funding partners

The Wounded Marine Careers Foundation was created by Command Media to train wounded warriors with media skills so they can learn to help tell the important stories behind the war. Click the link for more information.

Naval Reservist Surprises Daughter on Birthday

Student at W.B. Simpson Elementary School celebrate surprise birthday with returning military parent.

Parents Learn at Conference

Military parents at Fort Leavenworthn, KS practice methods for dealing with stressors in a parent resiliency and education conference at the Resiliency Center.

How the Military Life affects the Children

Military children identify moving to different places and having parent(s) being deployed as two of the biggest struggles in their lives.

Help Develop the 2012-2016 Community Strategic Plan

DoDEA is in the process of updating its Community Strategic Plan for the years 2012-2016 and is seaking feedback from students, parents, and community members who have a vested interest in the education of military-connected students.

Looking After the Soldier, Back Home and Damaged

This New York Times story looks at how the physical and emotional injuries suffered by those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq can take a painful toll on spouses, parents and other family members.

Pentagon lacks funding to fix public schools on military bases

A top Pentagon official has acknowledged that the Pentagon will be able to start renovating or replacing only about a dozen of the public schools on bases with the $250 million that Congress appropriated this year for the upgrades.

United Through Reading Announces Survey Results About Service to Military Families

United Through Reading announces the results of two surveys that reflect the benefits of reading to children whose parents are deployed at a reception.

A Special Affinity to Military Children

Alion Science and Technology raises $50,000 for One Military Kids to provide for children of deployed National Guard and Reserve personnel to participate in extracurricular activities.

Often Overlooked, Military Children Honored by Broward County Schools

One hundred children of military families enjoyed a ceremony where they were honored for their sacrifices.

$250M Planned for On-base School Repairs

The Department of Defense is deciding how to spend $250 million to upgrade a set of public schools that are on stateside bases in disrepair or disturbingly overcrowded.

9/11's changes heavy for military families

The impact of 9/11 with resulting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has radically reshaped soldiers’ lives with family separations, casualties and lasting trauma.

Military Deployment: Nine Ways to Support Your Children

A helpful and simple road map for parents to follow during deployment of a military parents in facing challenges.

School Liaison Officer Eases Transition to Edwards for Parents, Children

Hodge, an Edwards Base school liaison officer, works directly with Edwards leadership, families, school districts and local communities on school-related matters.

DOE Offers New Website To Help Teachers Commemorate Sept. 11

This new web site presents a set of resource materials focused on the anniversary of 9/11, which were developed under federal grants supported by the U.S. Department of Education.

Kids' Self-portraits Reflect Military Lives

“Faces of Camouflage,” an exhibition of self-portraits by Camp Pendleton students, gives an inside look at life as a military child.

School Liaisons Bridge Gap Between Military Families and Quality Education

School liaison officers in San Diego help to reduce the impact of the mobile lifestyle on school-age military children and their families and implement support services that assist with relocations, life transitions and achieving academic success.

Darden College joins $2.4M DoDEA Grant Awarded to NNPS

Old Dominion's Darden College of Education joins DoDEA grant awarded to Newport News Public Schools to designated to increase student achievement and ease the challenges that children of service members face due to transitions and deployment.

New Storybook Helps Military Children Cope with Deployment Separations

The full color storybook helps children (ages 2-7) and parents talk about the sometimes scary emotions associated with separations, suggests ways to help the child and absent parent feel connected across the miles, and reminds the child that a joyful reunion is ahead.

Sen. Landrieu Meets with Military Parents in Louisiana

Landrieu, a New Orleans Democrat and the state's senior senator, said closing the meeting, which also did not include the Bossier Parish School Board, allowed parents to air their unfiltered opinions without fear of repercussion.

Drugs Found Ineffective for Veterans’ Stress

Drugs widely prescribed to treat severe post-traumatic stress symptoms for veterans are no more effective than placebos and come with serious side effects.

New Great Falls School District Grant Aids Military Families

The Defense Department recently awarded the Great Falls School District a grant to fund its Transition Resource Opportunities Offered to Parents and Students program to cater to the special needs of children in military families.

Length of Parental Military Deployment Associated with Children's Mental Health Diagnoses

New report from Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine discusses possible mental impact on children whose parent was deployed in the U.S. military efforts Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

San Diego Military Kids Help Peers Adapt to New Schools

San Diego County, the only county in California with a peer support program for military children in middle and high schools, welcomes new students through tours, activities and lunches with student guides.

Statewide Effort to Support Military Children Receives Honor

Reach Every Child in North Carolina, which helps schools and families across the state find the resources they need to support military children, has received this year's Pete Taylor Award and $7,000 to continue their work.

Washington Post Launches Chat Series for Military Families

In the kickoff to The Mil Life, the Post's new chat series for military families, participants told military child, spouse and mom Stephanie Himel-Nelson what they think are the hardest parts of being in a military family, including frequent moves.

Michelle Obama in LA: Military family talk, fundraising in Pasadena and Bel Air

First Lady Michelle Obama will take part in a panel discussion on the challenges faced by military families, then hold fundraising events in Pasadena and Bel Air for President Barack Obama's 2012 reelection campaign.

The Need to Support Students From Military Families

Education Week newspaper published this commentary piece by Dr. Ron Astor about the struggles military students face and the policy changes that can be made to help them succeed. For the full article, click on Links to Research on our homepage and Current Research.

Bill would help kids coping with parent's deployments

New pending legislation proposed by National Guard and Reserve units to provide counseling help to students struggling with deployments.

First Lady Lauds Strength, Resilience of Military Kids

First Lady Michelle Obama lauded the graduating seniors of Quantico Middle/High School for their strength, resilience and maturity as they came of age in military families during a time of war.

School District Aims to Ease Transitions For Military Children

Murrieta Valley Unified School District initiates advisory committee to help ease transition issues faced by Military families.

Gates Keeps Promise for Families at Fort Riley

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates fulfills his promise to assist school districts in revitalizing the public schools on military installations.

Support for Special-Needs Families During a Move

An article by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense featuring resources to help military family with special needs.

Students Make Hero Packs for Military Children

An article featuring the participation of a Potsdam High School classroom in the Red Cross' AmeriCorps Week to promote military awareness.

Oceanside School Helps Kids Cope with Deployment

KPBS Radio featured what one of the schools in the Building Capacity consortium is doing to support military students.

New Effort to Prevent Bullying Launched

An article featuring "Band Together Against Bullying", a program launched by Kileen Independent School District and Child, Youth and School Service in response to growing epidemic of bullying in schools.

Not All Wounds Can Be Seen From Real Warriors

The article features DCoE-sponsored Real Warrior Campaign to encourage help-seeking behavior for service members, veterans, and military families coping with invisible wounds.

Stress Rising in Families, But Programs Can Help

Families OverComing Under Stress, a fixture at Camp Pendleton since 2008, is shown to reduce behavior problems among children by almost 50 percent and emotional issues by nearly 33 percent.

Bases, Agencies Collaborate to Focus on Military Children

An article about the recent Military Children and Youth Symposium at Peterson Air Force Base that focuses the challenges of resiliency and behavioral health in service members children.

New Parent Support Program: Helping build military families since 1993

An article about the New Parent Support Program and how it helps families learn how to cope with stress, isolation, deployment and family separation, as well as the everyday demands of parenthood.

NMSI Announces Major Expansion of AP Program

Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden's national initiative to support and honor America's service members highlight a private-public partnership to expand the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) program to 28 public high schools around the country that have a large number of students from military families.

Military Children Face Greater Academic Challenges Due To Relocation And Emotional Stress

An article of AOL and Huffington Post's Military Families Week series to highlight the issues affecting the lives of America's families who serve.

Making Sure Children in Military Families Are Not Left Behind

The Huffington Post ran an op-ed written by Building Capacity principal investigator Ron Astor.

National PTA and Military Child Education Coalition Unite to Support Military Families

National PTA and the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) will partner to engage military families and support military children in response to First Lady Michelle Obama's and Dr. Jill Biden's "Joining Forces" initiative.

Military Families Week: Putting the Spotlight on the Sacrifices of Those Left Behind

The White House announced Sunday that Gen. Stanley McChrystal will help supervise a new initiative designed to put a spotlight on the sacrifices of America's military families -- and the practical steps the rest of us can take to help them.

School Liaison Officer, A Bridge From Goodfellow to Classrooms

This article features Larry Lumpkin, the first school liaison officer for Goodfellow Air Force Base located in Texas, and his interaction with schools where children of military personnel are attending.

U.S. troops in Afghanistan Suffer More Catastrophic Injuries

Study shows 2010 saw at least 171 troops suffer battlefield injuries resulting in amputations; 65 of them lost two limbs or more.

S.C. National Guard Honors Its Military and Their Families

South Carolina's Army and Air National Guard hold military and family appreciation day featuring flyovers, equipment displays, live music and games for children at McEntire Joint National Guard Base.

New Study on Academic Performance and Behavioral Health of Military Children

The study, "Effects of Soldiers' Deployment on Children's Academic Performance and Behavioral Health," finds that Army children may benefit from both widespread and targeted support to help with the special circumstances related to parental deployment.

West Virginia Joins Education Compact for Military Kids

West Virginia becomes the newest member of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

DoD Plans to Improve Quality and Quantity of Child Care for Military Families

DoD plans to launch an initiative this year to improve the quality and quantity of child care available for Reserve Component personnel and families living in areas not directly supported by a military installation child care system.

Military Children Need Nation's Support

The American Forces Press Service covered remarks made by Robert L. Gordon III, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and family policy.

Navy Releases New School Programming Guidebook

As part of Child and Youth Programs, the Navy School Liaison Officers have released a new "Connections: Navy School-Based Programming" handbook to help public schools make transition and orientation experiences easier for military children.

Article Features School Liaison Officer and SLO Program

This article discusses the tasks of school liaison officers and their impact in matters pertaining to the education of military students..

Defense Department Taps UNL For Study To Help Children of Military Families

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has been chosen by the Department of Defense to develop content and provide programming for a $7 million educational program that will help prepare military-dependent children nationwide to be successful as they enter the school system.

Michigan Schools Superintendent Asks Districts to Assist Military Families

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan asked local school districts in Michigan to voluntarily assist in a national and state initiative to provide support to school-aged children of military families.

Article Features Military-Related Curriculum Project

The Topeka Capital-Journal featured a curriculum-based project in which middle school students interviewed veterans at a senior living facility near Kansas City to learn about their military service.

Dr. Biden Pledges Support for Guard Families

Dr. Jill Biden promises National Guard members and their families that she will support them during every deployment.

Article Features Military's 'Top-Notch' Early Education System

The Florida Times-Union story discussed the higher standards set by military child development centers--standards that don't apply to centers used by civilian parents.

Test Prep Courses Available to Hawaii Students

All high school students in Hawaii now have access to free online SAT and ACT prep courses through a partnership with the National Military Impacted Schools Association.

New Study Examines Effects of Multiple Deployments on Military Teens

The study, from the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College, shows that some adolescents cope better with each deployment.

Wyoming Considers Interstate Compact

House Bill 161 would add Wyoming to the list of at least 36 states that have passed the Military Interstate Children's Compact.

New York Times Story Focuses on Military Families

The article, part of "A Year at War" series, focused on the pros and cons of soldiers using technology to stay connected to their family members and stay involved in issues at home.

Vice President's Wife Tours Military-Connected School in Georgia

Dr. Jill Biden toured Liberty County's Joseph Martin Elementary and met with teachers, counselors and others to talk about the challenges military children face.

New Mexico Legislature Considers Bill Easing School Enrollment for Military Children

If passed, the bill would allow active-duty military or National Guard personnel’s children who have been relocated due to their parents’ deployment to receive first priority placement in the school they wish to remain in

New Resource for School Psychologists

The National Association of School Psychologists has released a new article on how school psychologists can support educators in schools that serve military children.

School Holds Marine Corps Birthday Bash to Give Military Students Sense of Belonging

Event heralding Marine Corps’ 235th anniversary gives students in Oceanside sense of belonging.

Channel 10 News Report

A Channel 10 story highlighted the launch of the Building Capacity project.

Building Capacity Featured in Union-Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune article featuring Building Capacity interviewed Dr. Ron Astor about the project.

Fallbrook Bonsall Village News praised Building Capacity's efforts to increase support of military students.

Fallbrook Bonsall Village News article.

North County Times reported on the participation of Temecula schools in Building Capacity.

Carol Leighty, the recently retired Superintendent of Temecula schools, believes USC initiatives to help military impacted schools are necessary and innovative. Because Temecula’s schools have such a high percentage of military children, having people specially trained to help military students is a great opportunity and has also proven to be a wonderful asset to the schools in the past.

USC News featured $7.6 million dollar grant to fund the Building Capacity partnership.

USC has been selected by the Department of Defense Education Activity agency to partner with 8 schools in the San Diego area. USC aims to implement an evidence based program which will increase resiliency in the military children who attend these schools.