Research Team

Christine Frymire

frymire Christine Frymire is a Certified Research Administrator and the Assistant Director of the Hamovitch Center for Science in Human Services at USC School of Social Work. Ms. Frymire has more than 20 of years of experience in managing federal grants and contracts at research intensive organizations including Wayne State University, Michigan State University, and the RAND Corporation. She currently supervises a staff of four, oversees 60 proposal submissions annually, and manages an award portfolio of more than $20M. While finding much professional and personal gratification in her work with the school’s various grant projects, her best job ever is being Mom to her two sons, Mark and Kurt.

Linda Jacobson

jacobson Linda Jacobson is a writer and an editor for the Welcoming Practices project. She has extensive education reporting experience for both newspapers as well education organizations, research centers and foundations. She was the project journalist for the 2010 Broad Prize for Urban Education. She has also worked as a consultant to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Harvard University, the Academy for Educational Development, the Institute for Educational Leadership,  the  New  America  Foundation,  and  Policy  Analysis  for California Education. She has specialized in covering early learning, teaching issues, partnerships between schools and community partners and the shift to the Common Core standards. She has also worked for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Education Writers Association and Education Week.

Stephani Wrabel

wrabel Stephani Wrabel is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. With a particular focus on K-12 policy, Stephani’s research interests include student and school mobility, the design and effects of federal and state school accountability policy, and the academic outcomes of military-connected students and schools. Her dissertation research examines the implications of student mobility on the calculation of school performance measures, the equity implications of classroom placements for mobile students, and the ways in which mobility differs across diverse school contexts. As a military sibling and researcher, Stephani is honored to work on a project committed to serving military families.

Gordon Capp

capp Gordon Capp is a Ph.D. student in the School of Social Work at USC. His research interests include the integration of school systems and mental health services, school climate, and child development and social emotional development. His previous work experience includes teaching elementary and middle school, and as a therapist in community mental health. He is excited to be participating in a project that is working to improve both educational and mental health outcomes for students and families, and at the same time working to support schools and school staff.

Kathrine Sullivan

sullivan Kathrine Sullivan is a PhD student in the USC School of Social Work.  Her research interests include resilience in military families, impact of trauma on children and families, mental health interventions in school and community settings, and access to treatment and community support for service members/veterans and their families.  Her professional experience includes community mental health services for children, adolescents and families coping with trauma.  She is excited to participate in a project aimed a improving the capacity of civilian schools and communities to support military students and their families.

Hadass Moore

Hadass Moore is a Ph.D. student in the School of Social Work at USC. Her research interests include the role of schools as formal institutions and agents of change in the context of conflict zones, homelessness, displacement and extreme life situations. Her Professional experience includes: Counselor and teacher at a special boarding school for high-school individuals who immigrated to Israel, therapist and case-manager in a mental-health transition home in Israel, social worker with refugees and victims of torture and research assistant for the Israel Ministry of Welfare. Hadass is excited to be participating in a project which is working with an inclusive ecological framework in order to improve the understanding and outcomes of mental health for children and their families.

Ilan Roziner

roziner Dr. Ilan Roziner is a researcher at Luis and Gaby Wiesfeld School of Social Work of Bar Ilan University. In the past, he served as a military psychologist in the Israel Defense Forces. He specializes in the methodology of program and project evaluation and assessment. He has also participated in numerous evaluation projects in Israeli school system, including several studies of antecedents and consequences of school climate change. He contributes to the project his extensive knowledge of advanced statistical methods, such as Structural Equation Modeling, Multilevel Modeling, and diverse methods for the analysis of change. He is excited to be a part of the Welcoming Practices research team.

Ruth Berkowitz

berkowitz Ruth Berkowitz completed a post doctoral fellowship at the USC School of Social Work, and now works as a Lecturer in the Department of Social Work at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. . Her main research interests are on issues of school climate and their relationships to students’ outcomes, with a special interest in military-connected schools, the interplay of perpetrating and victimization of violence in schools, evidence-based practices and schools as learning organizations. Ruth is a psychotherapist who completed her internship at Abarbanel hospital of mental health (Israel). She works with children of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders and their families and gives professional supervision to therapist with their clinical work.

Jonathan Alfonso

alfonso Jonathan Alfonso received his B.A. in Literature/Writing from UCSD and an MS in Homeland Security from SDSU. He is currently in the MS in Geographic Information Science and Technology program at USC. His interests include visualization, active transportation, and safe routes to school.

Joe Lynch

Joe LynchJoe is an iOS developer that enjoys emerging technologies. He is currently developing the iOS app for the Welcoming Practices team. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2013. In February of 2015, he graduated from Mobile Makers Academy, a software bootcamp specializing in iOS development. Aside from developing iPhone apps, Joe enjoys sports, particularly USC football.

Alana Siegel

Alana Siegel PhotoAlana Siegel, Psy.D. is a postdoctoral fellow at Bar Ilan University, as a part of Professor Rami Benbenishty’s team.  Alana completed her doctorate in school and clinical child psychology at Yeshiva University.  Her research interests include posttraumatic stress disorder, resilience and coping strategies.  Alana completed her undergraduate degree in Human Development with honors at Cornell University, and a master’s degree in International Affairs at Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris.

Sophia Tran

427246_10151310945783105_542809478_nSophia Tran recently received her  undergraduate  degree  in   political   science  with  a  minor  in   education   studies  from  University  of  California,  San  Diego.  Her  experiences  within  the  past  couple  of  years  has  focused  on  outreach  to  underrepresented  students  to  provide  them  with  resources  to  better  pursue  higher  education  through  the  cultivation  of  awareness  of  one’s  identity.  She  hopes  that  this  opportunity  will  continue  to  be  a  stepping stone  into  shaping  her  passion  and  understanding  of  making  a  difference  in  her  community  through  education.