Eagle’s Nest

This video showcases Hancock school as an example of a parent run transition group. This is important to military connected children because it allows a… Read more »

Connection Corners Dewey

Also featuring Dewey elementary, this is an example of a transition room supported by School Liaison officers. This video serves as a model for other… Read more »

Friendship Garden

This video features Dewey Elementary school as an example of creating a garden for military connected children. The goal of the garden is to build… Read more »

San Onofre-Valentine’s Day

An example from San Onofre School at Camp Pendleton, this video demonstrates how schools can provide an opportunity for parents to become more involved with… Read more »

Children of the Deployed

This video is a montage of testimonies of military students, describing their feelings on what it is like being part of a military family. This… Read more »