Consortium District Presents Incoming Students  With ‘Challenge Coins’

     Friendly and helpful people can make incoming families feel more comfortable in a new school, but sometimes a tangible  gift leaves a stronger impression.
     That’s the idea behind the “challenge coins” that the Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) is presenting to newly enrolled military-connected students this fall.
     Dating back to World War I, challenge coins have most often been used by the military and are a symbol of membership in a group.
     “We believe these coins will carry on the rich tradition familiar to military personnel, by fostering the sense of belonging for a student in their new school community,” Melissa Minas, a project manager for Student, Family and Community Services in CVESD, wrote in a  description of the project.  47dda0f5-c8ba-41a2-a96e-944a96dd2ff2
     Schools will also be able to present the coins to members of the community who provide support to military-connected children and families.
This practice–or something similar–is a model that other schools can implement to both honor military tradition and make military children feel welcome.