WelConnect App Nearing Completion

WelConnect, the mobile app created as part of the Welcoming Practices initiative, will soon be ready for use by students, parents, community members, school administrators and staff members in the Consortium districts.
     The app links together schools, families, military resources, and community partners in the San Diego area and is designed to smooth the transition process for families into new schools and neighborhoods.
     Available on both Android and iOS devices, the app allows users to search for the local resources and programs they need near their local school, such as athletic programs, tutoring services, healthcare or child-care providers, and save them as favorites for easy reference. The resources are organized into four categories: district, school, community, and military. Feedback from these early users will help inform improvements to the app.
Multiple Users
     WelConnect will be useful for multiple groups, including parents, teachers and community organizations working with students and families. WelConnect is a powerful new source of information for families moving into the area and can help them identify the services and programs they want for their children even before they move into the area. It can also link them to community agencies and program providers in their area.
     WelConnect also provides a map function and contact information for each program featured. Military or community-based program providers can use WelConnect to make sure new families know about their services. They will also benefit by quickly being able to view the schools and other providers in their area.
Tutorials Available
     On the Android version, first-time users will be guided through a tutorial explaining all of the features of the app. The iOS version will also soon have these features.  YouTube videos are also available to help users get started.
     Future updates will allow users to leave comments on resources that could be useful to others moving into the area. Later versions of the app will also be available in Spanish for users who choose that as their language in “settings.” Feedback from the districts will be used to improve the features of the app over time.